Video Doorman installations from American Security Systems are on the rise

December 18, 2018 5:18 am


The more the market tightens, the owners/developers are looking to provide a “competitive edge” in condos. As such, many are adding Video Doorman from American Security Systems, Inc. to their buildings. Not only does it provide most of the services of a doorman, but does so at less than 10% of the cost. Introduced 2 years ago, the system has captured the minds of residential condo developers. Buyers of condos in buildings with 75 or fewer units want the security and convenience provided by a doorman. But 3 shifts of a doorman can cost a building upwards of $150,000 per year, which builds maintenance costs. Video Doorman not only provides most of the functions, but increases the value of the building when it comes to selling.

The Need

Tenants in buildings without doormen are currently unable to receive packages, UPS, Fed Ex, dry-cleaning, gifts or other deliveries from local merchants. In effect, they are cut off from the many time-savings benefits that tenants in doormen buildings enjoy. Fully 40% of all Americans now order on the Internet, but they can’t (unless it’s delivered to their office).

How It Works

The Video Doorman solves this dilemma. A video intercom panel is installed on the outside of a building for deliveries when tenants are not home. When pressing the button, trained Central Station operators answer, and the visitor comes up on American’s screen. After dialoging with the delivery person, and asking for identification, they remotely let them in. All activity is recorded voice and picture. Through a series of cameras in the hallway and elevator with speaker/ mikes, the Central “escorts” the delivery person to a secured package room, opens it up, watches as they deliver and leave. The tenant is e-mailed to notify them of the delivery. All activity in the package room is recorded. HID access control readers are installed on the front and package room doors, insuring only authorized tenants enter. Cards are managed over the Internet.

Video Escort

“Another feature owners like is the ability to call up our 24-hour UL Certified Central Station late at night,” said Larry Dolin, president of American Security System. Our operator connects to the owner upon entering the building. They talk and listen in, dispatching authorities if need be. With a camera and speaker/microphone in the elevator, American Security Systems can “escort” the owner right up totheir floor.

Added Security

The system is a combinationof video intercom, CCTV, access control and high security locks. Cameras are always recording and  access control working, even when the Video Doorman feature is not activated. “You can’t get better security than this,” said Dolin. More and more buildings will be adding this system.

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