Innovative Video Doorman Introduced in the New York Residential Market

December 18, 2018 4:55 am

System Will Become Available in Major Markets Throughout the Country

Queens, New York; December 18, 2008…Video Doorman, a system which remotely lets residents of non-doorman buildings receive and securely store packages when they are not home, has been introduced in the New York residential market.

“If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, co-op, or condo without a doorman you know how seemingly simple things, like getting a home delivery while you’re at work or traveling, can turn into a logistical nightmare,” said Larry Dolin, creator of Video Doorman and founder of American Remote Video and American Security Systems, a leader in building security and life safety systems in the New York market for 30 years.

Video Doorman allows remote, real time access, control and monitoring of deliveries to any multi-family residence by trained professionals. The well engineered system uses state-of-the-art, digital Internet technology plus proprietary software and procedures to provide optimal security.

The Video Doorman system is easy to install, use and economical to operate at about $1.00 per day per tenant unit. Since the system digitally records all deliveries and resident retrievals, it provides ironclad documentation of these events. When a courier rings the Video Doorman panel for entry to a building, and if the tenant is not home, a live operator, using cameras and 2-way voice communications, greets the delivery person and verifies the intended recipient is a resident. The remote operator lets the courier in and follows them every step of the way with video and voice communication. Deliveries are placed in a secure package room, remotely unlocked by the live operator, for later pick-up by residents. The system operator can also dispatch authorities in the event of a problem, e.g., if the courier doesn’t leave. In addition to allowing deliveries, the system can also be used to escort residents from the building entry to their floor, providing added comfort and security.

Video Doorman is already being installed in multiple New York residential buildings and will be launched in other major metropolitan areas over the next 12 months.

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