Home and Business Security after Superstorm Sandy

December 18, 2018 5:20 am

Along with loss of heat and electricity, loss of personal safety and security ranks as one of the most urgent issues following the ravages of Superstorm Sandy.  All affected areas have reported two forms of theft which seek to exploit the vulnerabilities of the vicims:  Looting and Contractor Fraud.


Recent reports detail incidents of looters invading the vacant homes and businesses of hurricane victims.  Buildings with no security systems are ripe targets for invasion and theft.  While obvious valuables – cash and jewelry – are desirable, every building is a treasure trove of construction metals like copper, brass and stainless steel, which fetch high prices at recycling depots.

But even buildings which were protected with top-flight security systems have become vulnerable because the electrical wiring, control modules and cameras have been ruined by wind and corrosive salt water.  While the appearance of a security system may make a protected, vacant building a lower priority for thieves, eventually the security systems will be examined or tested and when found to be inoperative, the protected building is no better protected than one without a security system.

Contractor Fraud:

Building owners are as much in search for reputable security companies as they are for plumbers, electricians and roofers.   The urgency imposed by a catastrophe like Superstorm Sandy drives building owners to drop their guard when seeking contractors to restore their safety and security.  Unscrupulous individuals are attracted by the vulnerability and urgency of storm victims and seek to prey on the trust of people in distress.  At such times, discipline and a firm policy for finding reputable vendors are paramount.

American Security Systems has initiated a specific team of security experts to address the needs of hurricane victims – both commercial and residential – with proven techniques that restore protection quickly and economically.  There is no reason to rely on risky vendors when one of the most trusted names in building security is ready, willing and able to respond to victims’ needs.

American Security Systems emergency response involves 5 critical steps:

1. System testing and site survey and analysis of damage incurred, immediate restoration of services if damage is minimal.

2. Discussion of options ranging from rapidly deployed perimeter protection to complete restoration and improvement of original system.

3. Preparation and delivery of a Statement of Work and contract.

4. Rapid deployment of contracted installation and maintenance services

5. Follow-up contact to assure total satisfaction

Representatives of American Security Systems carry company identification at all times, and adhere to the highest ethical practices of the industry:

1. Never offer verbal deals – always present a Statement of Work to be performed and a contract.

2. Never accept cash deposits or large downpayments for work to be performed.

3. Represent leading brands of manufactured items such as cameras, control systems and detection devices.

4. Offer accurate estimates of when the job will be completed, appear on site as agreed and continue working on installation or repair until the job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

5. Never sell “door-to-door.”  Representatives only appear by pre-arranged appointment.

6. Installation work is covered by Workmen’s Compensation and corporate liability insurance in excess of $1 million per installation.

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