Hoboken gets New Jersey’s first “Video Doorman”

December 18, 2018 5:19 am

It doesn’t help you with your bags, pet your dog or hold open the door. But it does accept packages and even provides some security.

The system, which was recently installed at Vesta Hoboken, a new condo building at 609 Observer Highway, will accept packages and provide security at about a dollar a day per unit, some 10 times less than a traditional doorman. For buildings over about 35 units, the cost goes down to about 50 cents per unit per day, said Larry Dolin, president of American Security Systems, which provides the product.

“Remote centralization of doorman services is the future,” he said during a demonstration at Vesta several weeks ago. “It comes out of a real need.”

Although Vesta is the first New Jersey building to get the system, Dolin has installed several across the river(s), in such neighborhoods as Tribeca, Harlem, Long Island City and Williamsburg. In all, Dolin has 11 either installed or in contract, he said.          Read complete article…

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