American Security Systems has banner year with fire alarms, Video Doorman and integrated systems

December 18, 2018 5:18 am


This September ended the 29th year of American Security Systems, with its highest sales ever. According to Larry Dolin,president and founder, American is just reaching its stride. Over the years the company has grown froma basic residential central station alarm provider, into one of the leading total security systems companies in New York. Growth came from innovative marketing, insistence on installing only quality products,reinvestment into infrastructure personnel, and acquisitions.

Video Doorman

Introduced two years ago, VideoDoorman has captured the minds of residential building owners and tenants, wanting the security and convenience provided by a doorman.

Video Doorman not only provides most of the functions at a small percentage of the cost but increases the value of the buildings’ units when it comes to selling. Tenants in buildings without doormen are currently unable to receive packages, UPS, Fed Ex, dry-cleaning, gifts or other deliveries from local merchants. In effect, they are cut off from the many time-savings benefits that tenants in doormen buildings enjoy. Fully 40% of all Americans now order on the Internet. The Video Doorman solves this dilemma. A video intercom panel is installed on the outside of a building for deliveries when tenants are not home. When pressing the button, trained central station operators answer, as the visitor comes up on American’s screen, and they ask for identification to remotely allow entry. All activity is recorded voice and picture. Through a series of cameras in the hallway and elevator with speaker/ microphones, the central station operators “escort” the delivery person to a secured package room, open it up, watch as they deliver and leave. The tenant is e-mailed to notify them of the delivery. HID access control readers are installed on the front door and package room door, insuring only authorized tenants enter. Cards are managed over the Internet. “Another feature owners like is the ability to call up our 24-hour UL Certified Central Station late at night using a remote transmitter,” said Dolin. Our operators connect to the tenant upon entering the building. With a camera and speaker/microphone in the elevator, American Security Systems can “escort” the owner right up to their floor. The system is a combination of video intercom, CCTV, access control and high security locks. Cameras are always recording and access control working, even when the Video Doorman feature is not activated. “You can’t get better security than this” said Dolin.

Fire Alarms

With the outstanding track record of American’s installation and service, “clients asked if we could provide fire alarms” said Dolin. Most of the clients were dissatisfied with their vendors. The result was the purchase of a small fire alarm company in 2003. American began installing one of the premier product lines for the Life Safety sector, General Electric. The manufacturer of Edwards (EST) and Mirtone (Vigilant) renowned in the industry for reliability and effectiveness. By installing and servicing quality products, American was again asked by its customers to perform Testing and Inspecting of all Fire Alarms as required by New York City Code and NFPA guidelines, and FDNY approved Central Station Monitoring. The result, satisfied clients such as Forbes, Catholic Charities, Capital One and a growing list of others.By utilizing quality personnel and product, American’s Life Safety Division has grown exponentially. The last three years American was awarded Regional Dealer of the Year, and this year achieved both Regional and National Dealer of the Year honors from GE!

Kenneth Gould

American Security Systems is also proud to announce that Kenneth Gould has joined the company as executive vice president, general manager. With more than 30 years of experience in the fire protection and life safety industry, Gould is familiar with the leadership and skills it takes to run a successful organization. He is a former general manager and vice president with ADT Security Services, a division of TYCO International.

Gould is a frequent speaker on industry-related topics and is involved in several other professionaland community associations, including the New Jersey Burglar and Fire Alarm Association and the New York Electronic Security Association. He is also a member and past president of the Metropolitan Burglar and Fire Alarm Associationof New York. Dolin says given his experience, they expect Gould to help make American the leading security systems provider in the New York Metro market.

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