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How Video Doorman Safe Lobby
works to reduce crime…

The system integrates a card reader and front door contact with cameras, speakers and microphones in the lobby and elevator. It is linked to a high quality Digital Video Recorder equipped with Video Analytics connected to a high speed IT line and a 24 hour UL certified Central Station operator to prevent crime.

Video Doorman Safe Lobby consists of five simple steps–all backed up by our expert security teams.

The system starts with a vandal-proof exterior Video Doorman card reader tied into the front door. Tenants use transmitter/fob to enter the building. If desired, a camera, speaker and microphone can be added to surveil the exterior entrance.

Central Station
An Internet A/V signal travels over a high speed Internet connection to a 24 hour UL certified Central Station. Operators are trained to handle video monitoring calls and will dispatch authorities and notify owners when necessary.

High Resolution cameras and speakers/microphones allow Central Station operators to interact with and monitor the entrance of the building and the lobby.

Video Analytics Prevents Loitering
Proprietary video analytics monitor lobby and entrance cameras and alert trained Central Station operators to warn intruders and prevent loitering.

24/7 Recording
Video Doorman uses the most advanced, professional Digital Video recorder. It provides 24/7 real time, high-resolution video recording and on-call 2-way remote audio/video. 24/7 Vital Signs Monitoring instantly reports any system malfunction.

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