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Success Stories

Video Doorman has been a huge hit in buildings all over the Northeast. Whether you ask developers, tenants, boardmembers or management companies, the reviews are in and they are all positive. The selected case studies to the right are just a small sampling of the buildings we have helped transform with Video Doorman. We’ll be updating this section often, so be sure to check back to see even more examples of how Video Doorman is working in buildings just like yours.

West 14th Street 9 units/lower Manhattan NYC West 14th Street 9 units/lower Manhattan NYC

West 14th Street

9 units/lower Manhattan NYC

Video Doorman System with each tenant unit having a customized locker controlled from tenant unit and central station.
Elevator access control to each tenant floor.

Vere 26

Vere 26

Video Doorman System in a 43 unit luxury condo designed by award winning architect Robert Scarano featuring a blue glass curtain wall exterior, twelve stories high.

Vere 26 will be featured in the “2010 AIA Guide to New York” that defines the most architecturally significant building designs in New York City, which is published every ten years.

North Street North Street

North Street

Standard Video Doorman System using Siedle exterior Panel.

Vesta Hoboken Vesta Hoboken

Vesta Hoboken

Located on Observer Parkway in Hoboken, NJ, Vesta is a chic design with custom finishes. Built with only 16 residential condos, Vesta Hoboken has an intimate and private ambiance centrally located within immediate proximity to Hoboken’s amenities as well as Downtown Jersey City.

At the Vesta Hoboken, you can expect a Video Doorman, refrigerated storage for grocery deliveries, package deliveries when you’re not at home, plus, indoor parking, private exercise room, Resident Lounge, Bicycle Storage, and as you can expect in Hoboken convenience to all public transportation systems to get you to and from anywhere in the Gold Coast, New York City and beyond.

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